Training School on Acoustic & Elastic (Meta)-Materials

13-17 November, UPV, València

Deadline for registration and payment of lunches/dinners: 29 September 2023. 6 October 2023

Structured materials and metamaterials have attracted growing interest in recent decades, as they possess unprecedented properties that often surpass those of conventional materials. These structured materials have also opened up new ways of controlling acoustic and elastic waves. This field has thus developed extremely rapidly, driven also by the new possibilities offered by rapid manufacturing techniques. Initial training in this interdisciplinary field is still rare, so several European networks have decided to train researchers and engineers in this field. The training school aims to provide a common theoretical basis for researchers and engineers working on acoustic and elastic structured materials. The training will comprise theoretical and practical courses and will follow a scheme of increasing complexity.

This training school is offered primarily to DN METAVISION (GA101072415) PhD students, but is open to anyone interested in training in this field.

Local Organization

Alejandro Cebrecos Ruiz

Noé Jiménez González

Mario Lázaro

Luis Miguel Garcia- Raffi

José Sánchez-Dehesa

Daniel Torrent

Vicent Romero-García


DN METAVISION (GA101072415):

Elke Deckers

Lucas Van Belle 

Jean-Philippe Groby

Vincent Pagneux

Vicente Romero-García


Matthieu Malléjac

Eric Ballestero

Théo Cavalieri


Richard Craster

Kirill Horoshenkov

Gianluca Memoli


Sébastien Guenneau

Muamer Kadic

Bogdan Ungureanu

GdR MecaWaves:

Bruno Lombard

DENORMS network:

Olga Umnova

Bart Van Damme


Marco Miniaci