How to register?

Participation to the training school is free of charges but registration is mandatory. Registration should be completed online before the deadline of September 29 2023 6 October 2023, and should be performed in two steps (each step has its own link as indicated below).

Step 1: The deadline for the registration is the 29th of September 2023 6 October 2023.

Please fill the form in this link to register in the Training School.

Step 2: Payment of the lunches and dinner.

Please pay the amount indicated in your registration form in this secured link.

The organizers would strongly recommend that everyone join together for lunches, dinner and social activities.

IMPORTANT: If you do not pay for lunches or dinners, they will not be booked

What is proposed?

Registration (free) includes

  • Access to the training school program; 
  • Refreshments during breaks;
  • Visit of Valencia on Wednesday 15th afternoon; 

Additional fees concern

  • lunches (25/person/day);
  • Wednesday 15th November dinner (35/person/day); The payment should be done through the link provided in Step 2


  • There will be an evening social party in a local bar on Monday 13th November. Payment for this event will be at everyone’s discretion.